Checks Kilim BK 7


A big tribal goat hair kilim , they tend to come in black but this one is quite unique with its neon ( orange and green ) stripes and chain motifs in white .

Translating to today s contemporary interior .

Ethnicloom productions offer vintage pieces as well . One of our main areas of interest is the nomadic tribal artisan work , almost lost if not for the rare work of a few 80 year old craftsmen , but still goat hair weaving does not exists anymore. These tribal floor coverings specialty is goat hair fiber as their main material, which although slightly rough is surprisingly endurant and protective to cold and hot weather.

These pieces were used for nomad tents , doors and floorings ,they are usually remaining fragments of large tent structures . İn some regions they are used for fruit and vegetable drying . The goat hair weaving was specifically used due to its durability to all kind of weathers rain or sun . The dense weaving technique with the goat hair yarn was used as a protective net for all the creepy crawlies. İn each item we can see and embrace each weavers individuality with specific embellishments , motifs and colours unique to its artisan and their mood.

They are good for to use in semi protected outdoor spaces , terraces etc .They are very versatile they look great with contrasting modern materials such as a marble stark floor or with the antiques and the rustic country living .

Material : Goat hair, wool and cotton

Care : Dry clean only

285cm x 360cm  

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