India - Andreas H.Bitesnich

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A new edition of Andreas H.Bitesnich's classic portrait of India, a timeless photographic masterpiece capturing the breathtaking beauty.

India is constantly on the move. It moves sideways, backwards, upwards, and forwards. It is a nation of both past and future, where time seems to pass by its own laws, and extraordinary tradition coexists with hyper modernity and ever-booming construction. For many, India is as much as a state of mind as a country.

Through this photographic journey of discovery, Andreas H.Bitesnich creates a fascinating book about India, revealing many facets of this intricate, populous country. In color, black-and-white, and sepia, his stunning photographs show ındian culture, food, faith, heritage, landmarks, cities, and wildlife, as well as its daily interactions and centuries-old-monuments.

Bitesnich documents the country's on going struggles as much as its vibrancy and growth. We see India's temples and mosques, its wild Indian elephants, its extraordinary architecture, and its deep spirituality. And we see its urban sprawl, its squalor, its street poverty, and suffering.


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